General Questions

Diaper Pre-Orders:

When completing a pre-order, you acknowledge that pre-order items are orders placed before that item is made. This means it is necessary you understand the length of time for arrival can vary. 
We provide Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETA), but ultimately you accept delays that may occur out of our control. If you want to cancel orders, you must follow the conditions listed below.



Our in stock TAT is 2-4 business days, with 1 business day of processing time.

Delivery times will depend greatly on USPS but, typically they are 3-10 days. 



What is your return policy?

We accept non-damaged and unused items within 30 days of your delivery date 

Please be aware that you are responsible for shipping costs to return items. Please include the following when returning.


  • Returned Item

  • Order Number inside the package

  • Completed Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA)​

 We do not accept items back that are from smoking homes, that are washed or used, due to the nature of most being baby items. Items will be thoroughly inspected upon arrival before refunds are completed. If suspected that item is used, your refund will be forfeited.


How do I cancel?

GT does accept cancellations


  • In-stock or pre-orders that haven’t closed require a 10% cancellation fee.

  • CLOSED pre-orders require a 20% cancellation fee.


My package never arrived!

Unfortunately, when products leave our establishment and your tracking information is delivered, we are no longer responsible for lost items. 

BUT, please reach out so we can replace your item as best as we can. 

Shipping fees may be added. 

We try our best to help customers locate lost packages by working alongside our shipping providers to figure out their location. Please allow a few days to ensure your package may just be running late. 


My item came with defects

We quality check each product that gets hipped out, with that being said, small defects can slip through the cracks as we are only a team of one

Our warranty covers manufacturer errors (within 7 days after delivery) such as DAMAGED:

  •  PUL

  • Stitching/Seams

  • Elastics

  • Snaps

  • Fabric

Our warranty DOES NOT COVER:

  •  Leaks

  • Odor Issues

  •  Repelling

  •  Staining

  • Fading

  •  Elastic Issues over 1 month of purchase (elastics naturally stretch out if improperly washed or dried, as well as diaper aging)

  •  Fit Issues

  •  Excessive Wear and Tear (which can mean delaminating PUL after 1 month of use)

Warranties are a case by case basis. 

Please email us the following information when inquiring about a defect item

  • Your name

  • Order Number

  • Images of the defect